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What is Wesleyanism?

Wesleyanism or Wesleyan theology is the system of Christian theology of Methodism taught by John Wesley. At its heart, the theology of John Wesley stressed the life of Christian holiness: to love God with all one's heart, mind, soul and strength and to love one's neighbour as oneself. Wesley's teaching also stressed experiential religion and moral responsibility. Text adapted from Wikipedia

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John Wesley

John Wesley was an English cleric, theologian, and evangelist who was a leader of a revival movement within the Church of England known as Methodism. The societies he founded became the dominant form of the independent Methodist movement that continues to this day. Text from Wikipedia

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Charles Wesley

Charles Wesley was an English leader of the Methodist movement. Wesley was a prolific hymnwriter who wrote over 6,500 hymns during his lifetime. Text from Wikipedia

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Justin Mier Cathedral of St Paul; St. Paul, MN


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Noncanonical Literature

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Our friends at the NNU Wesley Center have transcripts of many of John Wesley's letters, including a 24 February 1779 letter to George Robinson. Check it out!

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